can make you smile, dance or bring you to tears. Just one song can bring back a vivid memory. Bern Young wants to know your story and your song.

For Bern, her song is Even Better Than The Real Thing by U2. Here is her story: I can only describe it as pure exhilaration and freedom. It was soon after I’d got my driver’s licence and it was probably the longest trip I’d ever done on my own, heading from Brisbane to Byron. I was playing a cassette, as it was back then, and turned up the volume. And now whenever I hear Even Better Than The Real Thing by U2 I'm instantly out on the Pacific highway and I still turn it up loud.

We want to hear your songs and your stories!

Email your story to and listen to Bern Young on 91.7 ABC Gold Coast at each Monday morning, to hear your songs and stories.

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