475 Zeal it comes from the heart

SYNOPSIS: This message is like a crystal clear flowing river of life. There is a sevenfold blessing given to Avram. Did you know there are seven steps to the grafting in process? There is a saying, “the way to a man is through his stomach” you will find out how this is one of the most biblical principals one can discover.

SECTION 1: IT COMES FROM THE HEART. Mat 15:15 Kefa said to him, "Explain the parable to us." Mat 15:16 So he said, "Don't you understand even now? Sometimes our spiritual blindness is so profound. Kefa was walking with Yeshua and had seen many miracles. Yet he had eyes to see but a mind that could not comprehend the data to this point. In section one of this message, we will look into how KEEPING KOSHER is still found in the New Testament. Does Messiah say to get rid of all the Kosher laws found in Lev. 11 or the complete opposite? How does this tie together with Moshe’s father-in-law?

SECTION 2: CURSING YOURSELF. The plain and simple fact is this; Israel is Yehovah’s chosen people and not one single solitary person can curse the children of Israel. On the other hand the children of Israel can curse themselves. Yehovah made a covenant with a certain blood line of people a long time ago. He will never break the covenant, but a person can break their covenant with him. A question we need to ask is the covenant exclusive to those Hebrew people? In Romans 11 Rav Sha’ul speaks of grafting in of the Gentile was this a new concept or was it something way more amazing then we think?

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