Man x Machine, who wins? /
A short film written, directed, produced, financed, edited, and shot by: Marcus Alqueres (
Score and Sound FX: Roger Lima White Noise Lab –
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertaiment
Visual Effects: Marcus Alqueres, João Sita, Fernando Faria
NF7 Concept Art: Marco Teixeira
A/B Camera: Marcus Alqueres, Julian Van Mil
Commentator VO: Mark A. Brown
Athlete: Tyler Sarry
Special Thanks: Vini Nascimento, Tendril, Moss Badran, Brad Lincoln

Developer - Diego Tres -
Creative Direction / Art Direction - Ronaldo Jardim -
Creative Direction / Art Direction - Thiago Balzano -
VFX / Art director / Assets - Marcus Alqueres
VFX / Art director / Assets - Joao Sita

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