On January 27th, 2010, KarmetiK and California Institute of the Arts brought together a group of interdisciplinary artists to perform in a revolutionary production. During this performance, The Machine Orchestra, a collective of musicians, engineers, dancers, and theatre designers, gave an audience at the Walt Disney Concert Hall's REDCAT performance space a glimpse of the future: one in which computers, robots, and humans join forces to make music.

Featuring a cast of musicians, new musical interfaces, and musical robotics, The Machine Orchestra fused a wide array of musical styles ranging from free electronic improvisation to world dance music.

This DVD features uninterrupted footage of The Machine Orchestra's debut concert, a performance exploring human interaction with KarmetiK's collection of musical robots: MahaDeviBot, GanaPatiBot, Tammy, Raina, and ReyongBot. Directed by Ajay Kapur and Michael Darling.

Music Director, Co-Creator: Ajay Kapur
Production Director, Co-Creator: Michael Darling
Guest Electronic Artists: Curtis Bahn & Perry Cook
World Music Performers: Ustad Aashish Khan, Pak Djoko Walujo, & I Nyoman Wenten
Multimedia Performer-Composers: Charlie Burgin, Dimitri Diakopoulos, Jordan Hochenbaum, Jim Murphy, Owen Vallis, Meason Wiley, and Tyler Yamin
Visual Design: Jeremiah Thies
Dance: Raakhi Sinha & Kieran Heralall
Lighting Design: Tiffany Williams
Sound Design: John Baffa
Production: Lauren Pratt

Editing: Meason Wiley
Filming: Benny Schuetze


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