William Johnston and Company Limited, based in Glasgow and with branches in Inverness and Kent, are a gasket and seal manufacturing facility converting sheet materials in a range of rubbers, PTFE, silicone, graphite, plastics,etc. into gaskets and other sealing applications. The company provides die cutting, CAD cutting, hand cutting, laminating and bespoke fabrication services for these materials which, although the main focus is on the manufacture of gaskets, are used in a wide variety of applications such as insulation, floor matting, mudflaps, snowploughs blades, etc.

View William Johnston on Make Works here: makeworks.co.uk/companies/WilliamJohnstonLtd/

Contact Sandy McEwen on +44 (0) 141 6201666 or williamjohnston.co.uk

Produced by Make Works

Filmed by Vana Coleman | Edited by The Edinburgh Film Company

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