*Official Selection 2011 Chicago International Movies and Music Festival
*Official Selection 2011 Wisconsin Film Festival
*Official Selection 2010 Milwaukee Film Festival
*Official Selection 2010 Milwaukee Mad March Music Mini-Movie Festival


Basement music festival featuring 11 bands from Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago.

Shot at The Vault in Milwaukee, WI on March 13th, 2010.

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From Anthony Schwader of Truthdealer:

"The Triforce Festival started when I moved to Milwaukee five years ago and I wanted to do contribute some other way than going to and playing shows. My friend Mark Peterson made the comparison of a three-piece band to the Triforce in the NES game The Legend of Zelda. From that discussion I decided that that was a great idea and went to work on the first one. That one went off without a hitch, and people responded very positively to the show so I decided to put on another one, and I figured that if I am going to do a second one, I might as well make it three and end it after that. With three being the operative number here you cannot possibly have another show without another piece of the Triforce. Which by the way is impossible, it would become a quadforce if there was one more piece to it. I purchased two kegs of shitty beer for people to drink and get wild on for each one.
Looking back I would have to say that the project as a whole was a complete success. The Vault hosted every show because in my and many other peoples opinions, it is the best place to play or see a band in Milwaukee."

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