Panasonic GH4 Going Filmic with Trees

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So I went out today to do some lens test and grabbed my tripod but unfortunately forgot the quick release mount. So I had to stabilize these shots in post. I love to take my cameras and film trees at some point because years ago I switch from Canon to the GH2 because I never liked the mushy trees that Canon would produce in my footage. So I know if a camera can make distant leaves on trees good, then I know It will be good to go.
When I got home I wanted to see how some new camera settings and some new lenses will look with my filmic color grading treatment.
I will post another video soon about my findings, right now I'm still testing. What do you guys think so far with this video. Do you like the look.

Panasonic GH4
Panasonic Lumix 20mm 1.7 lens

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