Phra-NaKorn Norn-Len on Loi-Kratoang Festival
A one day trip on Loi-Kra-toang festival, programmed and put together by Phra-Nakorn Norn-Len.
Started from making your own floating Lotus, a "Kratoang" using natural sources that can be dispose naturally,
Leaving the least of garbage into the river. Learning to pack your lunch into a lotus leave and off you go on a short walk from the resident to the river pier then catch the long tailed speed boat and cruise on the Chao Phraya River, the Venice of Asia, to Baan Silla-Pin to observe way of life along the canal and the people of "Klong Sarn" and the festival they celebrate.

Programmed by Phra-Nakorn Norn-Len
Photographed and Edited: Poonpat Vadhanasindhu

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