Meet the team and help kick off lWlVl Festival at our official pre-party on Thursday 8/21, cohosted by our friends at Telefuture Records. Supporter and VIP ticket holders to lWlVl can attend this event for FREE!

Screening of RAGE, directed by Ryan Boosel & Ben Boyle

Enter Halogen City, a neon-drenched and pixelated wasteland. Kurt Niles has just been murdered in the streets, watching his girlfriend hauled away by the street gang known as The Dangers. Lucky for him, there’s one last quarter to spare. Back from the dead and full of rage, Kurt must go on a bloody quest to save his girl and get his revenge.

Musical performances by:


The year is 2420. After the Party Wars of 2016 partying became a forgotten relic of the past. In a desperate attempt to save the world from inevitable self-destruction three heroes named Lil’ A, Fat J, and BadBatz will travel back in time to eat Doritos Locos and teach humanity TO GIT KRUNK AS HELL GIT PUMPED ITS THE MOTHERFUCKING DOPE PATROL.


MAKEUP AND VANITY SET (Telefuture Records/USA) is an American fantasy-arpeggio band. Over the past decade, MAVS has scored two films and released ten albums, including an 8-bit remix of the first PROTOMEN record, the CHARLES PARK TRILOGY and 88:88. During that time, the band evolved into a collaboration between synthesist Matthew Pusti, drummer Christian Williams, and filmmaker Joey Ciccoline. MAVS has worked and performed with PILOTPRIEST, INFINITY SHRED, BIG BLACK DELTA, SONOIO, ANAMANAGUCHI and THE PROTOMEN. The film score featured in 88:88 accompanied the film to the Venice International Film Festival, a selection of director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien) and actor Michael Fassbender (Prometheus, Shame).


While known for extensively varied styles of music, Carl Peczynski, aka Rolly Mingwald, pulls inspiration from the culture he loved growing up - the music, the films, the cars - “80s everything” as he puts it. As well as taking inspiration from the past, he looks to the present and beyond; to those creating contemporary music modeled after decades-old hardware and music genres.


DIY_Destruction : DIY_Destruction (Michael Goodman) has been doing visuals for the better part of 6 years using now only a Raspberry Pi and PureData Originally from NY He has performed in Canada, Boston, England and numerous festivals such as PAX Prime, PAX East and MAG Fest.
Poster & Installations by Ariel ZB

Fridman Gallery at 287 Spring Street NYC 10013

Doors at 7pm, screening at 8pm and performances at 9pm. All ages, $10 at the door. Subject to capacity.

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