Cook without fire, electricity or gas! Your chance of survival plummets. With Magic Cook, just add water and start cooking anywhere to increase your ability to thrive in survival situations. Simply place one of the Magic Heating Packs into the bottom of the plastic container, add water, then place the stainless steel container with food into the plastic and seal the lid. Within seconds you’ll see the water begin to boil and cook your meal. The space between the outer plastic container and inner stainless steel container allows water and steam to generate heat and surround your food. The airtight silicone ring locks in the heat and liquids. Cook anything from coffee and tea within 10 minutes to frozen food in 25 minutes.
Magic Cook has 2 layers;

(1) place Magic Pack into bottom layer and add water to activate the heat
(2) place anything you wish to cook into top layer.
You can cook soup, pasta, meat balls, boiled eggs, noodles and coffee.
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Magic Cook
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Dynamic Solutions Group, Inc.

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