I’ve been going through many, many issues for a long time. And I was looking and hoping to find something that I didn’t have to take some more pills. And I wanted to avoid surgery because I’ve had some very serious surgery about 25 years ago. They say I’m loaded with adhesions and most people don’t even want to get involved with my issues. So I was reading the Kansas City Star Health Issue and saw your article, was extremely impressed. I called, I didn’t have to wait six months to get in, you booked me very shortly after my call and I’ve been extremely happy with the girls, the service, and especially with my chiropractor ever since I’ve been here. I was really reluctant to go to a chiropractor because I didn’t think that that had anything to do with my issues. I’m 72 years old, and I’ve never been to one before in my life. When I came in here, you explained the new Cox procedure, your new tables, and what you do that is different than most procedures by chiropractors, and gave me a try. Each time I come in I feel good. Before I came in here I had issues that I couldn’t even roll over in bed to give my new husband a hug. When I’d get up I couldn’t hardly walk. Id stoop over to wipe my dogs feet and, poor Doody, I couldn’t even do that. And now I’m living a halfway decent life, and I feel like you’ve done wonderful things for me and my back. You now can take Medicare. It gets to be a pretty expensive issue because these things aren’t taken care of in a week or two. That was very helpful to me as well. I said, I’m going to go see what he’s got that the rest of them don’t seem to have.

Dr. Robert Patterson
Phone: (913) 345-9247
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