Alana "The Carbivor" Hughes and Tyler "Sweet Cleat" Stacy get weird in HiFi. From the director that brought classics such as "The Search for Chicken Chin" comes a new short film highlighting cultural issues such as class warfare, gender inequality, and socio-economical apartheid.

The Daily Jpeg:
"An absolutely stunning short film with a somber, poignant message to the cis elite."

The Feel Times:
"5 stars. The highly choreographed physical dynamics of this film encapsulated the abstract nature of being. The greatest thing since 'Tree of Life.'"

The Cosmoproletariat:
"Exciting. The director of 'The Search for Chicken Chin' delivers a smashing follow-up feature. This isn't a short film, it's an eclectic cinematic experience.

The Inquisitor:
"This film does what 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Beyond the Black Rainbow' couldn't -- surely it is a feather in the fedora for le director."

Rustle, Jimmy:
"OP delivers. 5/5"

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