Patric at Fava rental has had his P+S Technik Freestyle 3D rig delivered. So I did some Steadicam testing. I could not wait to try it out with two RED cameras in.

OK... It is heavy but not unmanageably so. With two RED cameras on there and two zoom lenses it maxes out my Steadicam G70 arm. This makes a total rig weight of 90lbs (41kg) including my vest and arm. The young lady I loiter with these days does not weigh much more. Essentially this rig is fine for well worked out and choreographed shots we do on drama; but with two REDs inside it the rig becomes no good for the kind of run and gun documentary style shooting we are becoming used to in music videos.

I am pleased with my results testing wise. I only tested it vis a vis operating on Steadicam. Only minor rig tweaks were needed to get it onto my MK-V sled. So as an Operator I would require a normal amount of time to set up once the camera is built. Powering the cameras was simple enough and I only bothered viewing one feed. I really do not see the point in seeing both feeds as a Steadicam Operator as I do not wish my vision to be impaired by any funny glasses.

The only things missing in my tests were the mirror shroud and a genlock box. Neither of these are big deals. I can use this rig like any other Steadicam setup and that includes low-mode.


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