At Shilo, we don’t shy away from the mysterious or ominous or anything for that matter. When ATTIK approached us to work on this campaign, we were rarin' to go. From our initial character studies to the look and feel of the city and underground, we wanted to push the boundaries of this cinematic spot.

This Poe-esque fable follows the misadventures of the bland Sheeple as they fall prey to all manner of grisly states at the hands of the rebellious Deviants. The end result is a dark and twisted world where conformity and individuality duke it out...and it’s not a pretty picture.

The Scion brand, and particularly this car, is about counter-culture, customization and individuality. This spot represents ATTIK’s and Scion’s willingness to push boundaries and we are proud of our role in bringing this very original automotive campaign to life.

For behind the scenes of the sheeple "casting" check out

Fable Credits:

Spot Titles: Scion xD "Fable of the Deviants" :60
Debut Date: June 15, 2007 (in cinemas)

Client: Scion
Vice President of Scion: Mark Templin
Corporate Manager of Scion: Steve Haag
National Marketing and Communications Manager: Lisa Materazzo
Scion Advertising Manager: Nancy Inouye

Agency: ATTIK
Group Creative Director: Simon Needham
Creative Director: Wayne Hanson
Art Director: Greg Coffin
Copywriter: Michael Brenner
Retoucher: Robert Karns
Senior Producer: Michele Morris
Producer: Jay Cortez
Account Director: Charlie Adams
Senior Account Manager: Andy Giles

Design & Production Company: Shilo
Creative Directors: Jose Gomez / Andre Stringer
Director: Shilo
Lead Design: Jose Gomez, Tom Green
Lead 3D Design and Animation: Cody Smith
3D Animation: Billy Maloney, Nate Davies, Blake Guest
Character Animation: Kiel Figgins, Chris Mead, Jorma Auburn, Bren Wilson, Christopher Adams, Richard Lico, Dax Pallotta, Joe Jones
Compositors: Jose Gomez, Tom Green, Jon Wu, Marco Giampaolo
Editor: Mike Goubeaux
Producer: Jake Hibler
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler, Santino Sladavic

Additional Visual Effects: Lola VFX
VFX/Flame Supervisor: Thomas Nittman
VFX/Flame Artist: Edson Williams

Telecine Facility: R!OT
Colorist: Siggy Ferstl
Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov

Music/Sound Design Company: Face The Music
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Composers: John Sponsler and Tom Gire
Sound Design: Michael Schmidt
Additional Sounds: Ed Ma

Final Mix for Broadcast: eleven
Executive Producer: DJ Fox-Engstrom
Mixer: Jeff Fuller
Assistant Mixer: Luis Rosario

Voiceover Artist: Richard Stanners


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