Concept, Direction, Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack
Film: Rui Films
Make-up: Anthony Preel
Styling: Siwha Lee
Model: Emmanuelle Chan

© HNJ Productions - Hair By Nicolas Jurnjack

The fashion world has a long tradition of creativity inspired by ancient tradition, culture, and nature. The Hmong/Miao People of southwest China are an ideal example. A study in vision, imagination, and – absolutely – artistry.

As an active part of that fashion world, I’m always interested in new ideas and inspirations. Cut to reading through a travel book and landing on the spectacular hairstyles of the Changijao Miao. I was transfixed, and needed to learn more. An ancestral tradition, these stunning hairpieces are passed down generation to generation, mother to daughter. Literally. The Hmong/Miao collect their hair to create these pieces – some have generations of hair woven together to create the finished piece.

The hair is woven into tiny braids, sometimes mixing in wool and animal hair, and those braids are then made into larger ponytails. The ponytails are wrapped around a support made from wooden horns and secured with white ribbon, wound around in a striking geometric pattern.

The hair shapes. The embroidered clothes. The execution and style. To me, these are a direct connect to the most spectacular of haute couture.

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