I have been a graphic designer for the VPRO program Lola Da Musica for years. This bumper was used in a special about the Dutch rock&art festival Lowlands. I had the idea to do the whole program circus style. So the bumpers would sort of be graphic specials about concepts visitors had to deal with - all done in circus style. Lotje IJzermans had the idea of - instead of regular interviews - having the artists take their personal questions from cards from a high hat. So inbetween items about stars playing at Lowlands, there were these Circus Bumpers.

I used to have a program called 'Virtual Drummer' that I used as a drum machine for the music for these little films. Marleen van der Weerd did camera and together we filmed common behaviour at the festival, according to a preplanned script. I also had the music ready before we shot. We had an editing cabine at the festival and editted the very same day, just after shooting every time. So in the evening, the program about that day would be on TV>.

In the end titles you see that the inspiration was circus posters. It was a lot of fun to do and the Lola Da Musica team was a great one, full of energy. Although we worked very hard, everybody was relaxed and at their best, as I recall.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video. This is recorded from telly with a VHS - and it is all I have. Hey man! It's ancient history! What did you expect? 4k?

This one is about food

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