What would it feel like to be free of all imperfections just for a day?

How do I feel when I feel loved? That is the question we need to ask ourselves. You were born as the light of the world and that has never changed. What has changed is you believed a story about yourself that was not true. And you sometimes repeat it to yourself. This cognitive restructuring technique in a question "How do I feel when I feel loved?" with the mudra for love 'yoga with the hands' instantly remaps your brain. You can even see how the jawline relaxes.

This simple mudra with the breath brings you back to that place of unconditional love & self-acceptance. It remaps your brain to the unconditional acceptance & positive innocent wiring that existed when we came into this world. Like the Buddha said "Being born again with the face of a baby." Or "Pretending our parents never existed and there was never a past, then we could be free & anything"

Flow with this energy that is you, while you embrace the love that is beyond the personality we have created, it is a love within us that is a presence, a shared humanity that you can feel once you let yourself just go… Focus your eyes on the mid-point between your brow, close your eyes, deep belly breaths in your lower abdominal cage, close the mouth & breathe through the nose. Do not force, be gentle, loving, this is not a performance.

This mudra or yoga with the hands discovered from the ancient yogis has the capacity to heal the mind & body of heartache & self-loathing if this could exist, it also elevates those who are already elevated.

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