Judea Cora

The “Coras” are an ethnic group here in México. The majority of them are located on the Sierra del Nayar, in Nayarit but there are also coras in Jalisco and Durango. They have their own language but some of them also speak a little bit of spanish. To access most of the communities you have to fly by small planes as the roads do not exist.

This group was one of the last ones to be conquered in México due to the fact that when the spanish came, the coras went up to the sierras to places where was very difficult to access , in fact, the spanish did not conquered them by force but by religion. Because of this, the coras still have a lot of their traditions and culture intact. They still live up mountain where the electricity , water and other common commodities for us are absent.

The result of evangelization instead of the use of force, gave origin to very unique celebrations: Catholic believes, mixed with pre-hispanic rituals and now, globalization and modernization can be seen at their modern sunglasses and masks.

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