Some of the first video I shot of Christchurch following the February 2011 quake(s) was the heavy snow we had a few months later. While it isn’t unusual for it to snow sometimes in Christchurch; it usually isn’t very heavy, and doesn’t last long, however 2011 and 2012 were exceptions with a couple of decent downfalls each! This video is basically me walking around and shooting whatever I see; probably quite boring for those unfamiliar with the city but an interesting record of the period after the earthquakes, when the city was still mostly closed off, but before most of the buildings were demolished (about 90% of the buildings you see are now gone).

Luckily I had copied this video from my miniDV camera to DVD and was able to later convert it to a file format I could import into iMovie (it only took me like 3 years!). The image quality isn’t the best, and there are a couple of audio drop-outs, but I’m still trying to find the optimal settings for converting these videos.

00:00 The view from my backyard.
01:50 The view from the front of the house.
04:08 The same view from later in the day (after the snow had cleared).
04:34 Panning around Cashel St. from just in front of the Age Concern building, (which has since been demolished).
05:28 Panning around from the corner of Cashel St. and Cambridge Tce., next to the Durham Bridge and across from the Bridge of Remembrance.
06:56 Some shots taken from the Bridge of Remembrance (partly fenced off then, but now still closed for repairs; 3 years later), looking across at the half demolished DTZ building (see ‘Big Snow Demolition’) and panning around etc.
11:03 Some shots from Remembrance Park, alongside the Avon river; looking across at “the strip” on Oxford Tce. (where a row of bars and restaurants operated).
16:01 Some shots from the Hereford Bridge.
20:06 A quick shot, looking down the Avon river toward the Gloucester Bridge and Victoria Square, from alongside the Worcester Bridge.
20:41 Zooming out from an oddly appropriate artwork adorning the side of the Christchurch Art Gallery (which remains closed for repairs) on Worcester Blvd., from the entrance of the Christchurch City Council Building (formerly the Post Office Central).
22:38 Following the earthquake, I had to move out of my old flat on Gloucester St., but I snuck back to see how it looked in the snow (sorry for the Darth Vader impression; but I had been walking for about an hour in ankle deep snow and was getting a bit puffed!).
24:04 Finally; a quick glimpse of North Hagley Park in the snow (the igloo-like dome was part of a show, set up well before the snow, which looks oddly appropriate in this setting as well!), by now my battery was running flat.

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