It has taken about 40 hours of practice not counting time spent watching Vimeo and YouTube videos of skilled longboard pumping as well as reading written descriptions of how to do it but finally...I am starting to get it. I still look a bit like a monkey on a furniture dolly but I can ride my G|Bomb all day without touching my foot to the ground (except to get started from a dead stop, especially uphill).

I put this video together so that a year from now I can look back on it and see all of the energy I am wasting as I flail around trying to figure this pumping thing out. The video footage (this is about 1/10th of the footage) will help me see what I could be doing better out there on the board.

Apparently, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. At 56 years of age, I am living proof.

Two videos that inspired me and gave me some clues:

And the written instructions that helped me connect all of the dots:

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