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Video by Jackie King and Mike Miller.


A summer wagon ride in Wisconsin. Joy.
Knowing the perfection of this moment.



I wanna make you smile, wanna make you dance
I’ll prolly make you cry, if you give me the chance
I wanna make you feel, feel!

I wanna make you breakfast, wanna show you love
But not just you ones who act the way I want
Oh, boy, I’m for real, real!

La da da di da, I know who I am and what I’ve done
La da da di da, and I’m lovin’ this ride; no one has more fun
La da da di da, I know who I am and where I’m from
La da da di da, and I’m lovin’ this ride on my merry-go
My merry-go-round of love

I wanna make the blanket that you picnic on
And daydream with you out on your front lawn
I’ll bring some wine with me
Cheers to everything

Want you to be the author of my biography
Want you to tell my truth as a comedy
You can eventually let them all know that I can’t sew


I wanna fold your heart like a paper plane
And shoot it across all time and space
I wanna make you soar to infinity and more

I wanna plant your love under my piano
So you’ll inspire me at every one of my shows
I want your colors to glow in every note


Copyright © 2014 Jackie King. All Rights Reserved.

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