Soria Moria is about a woman, Sina, who grew up in rural Cambodia and started working in hotels when she was 16. Through hard work, dedication, and the assistance of the Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Sina has risen to a leadership position and is now on the way to owning her first home.

The Soria Moria Boutique Hotel is the first employee-owned hotel in Cambodia, with around 40 local Khmer people who own and operate the hotel. When guests stay at the hotel in Siem Reap they are supporting a number of local NGOs and each employees future.

**If you are not able to download the subtitles with this film, please send us a message on Vimeo or email so that we can send you the .srt subtitle file.

This video was produced on location by an Actuality Media student crew and shot primarily with a Canon XA10.

Producer: Shianne Mohommed
Director and Editor: Bayleigh Janusik
Cinematographer and Editor: Rebecca Amat

Actuality Media is on the ground with every student crew to oversee production of these short documentaries, providing the services of executive producer, production manager, location scout, additional editing, and whatever else is needed to complete the project.
We are more than a film study abroad program. We are a service learning organization that takes students and young professionals abroad to create media on changemakers in developing communities around the world. Our films spread the word about nonprofits, NGOs and social entrepreneurs who are implementing innovative, new ideas to combat chronic social problems. Find out more about our work and adventures at

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