Kean Wong:
In Warsaw the death of a 98 year old woman who saved thousands of Jewish children during the war has sadden many. This amazing woman risked her own life as a social worker, to enter the Nazi-made Ghetto to get the children to safety. Let's see how she's remembered.

Students at a Warsaw school take part in a name changing ceremony in honour of World War Two hero, Irena Sendler.

In the early hours of the morning in the same city, the 98 year old
ex-social worker passed away in hospital after a long illness.

Sendler saved around 2,500 Jewish children during the war by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto in boxes, suitcases, she even hid them in

The children were then placed with families outside of the Ghetto.

Poland's chief Rabbi said as well as saving lives she saved the soul of

[Michael Schudrichm, Polish Chief Rabbi]:
"She rescued our hopes that there are still good people. People who
against all odds are ready to help others."

One survivor said Sendler did everything she could to help her.

[Ewa Filcowska, Holocaust Survivor]:
"I felt this help like the help of a mother. It's terribly sad that
she is no longer here, to ask for her advice and listen to what she has to

Sendler also experienced some unexpected help during the war.

In 1943 she was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo. She escaped death
when those she worked with bribed some Nazi officers.

Instead of executing her they left her unconscious and with broken legs in

Despite her repeated acts of bravery, Sendler always denied she was a hero.

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