Choreography: Michael Klien


Music: Volkmar Klien
Lighting/Stage: Dave Guy, Michael Klien
Duration of performance: approx. 55 minutes
Premiered: September 2004 Dublin, Ireland

A thought is a physical act. With SEDIMENTS OF AN ORDINARY MIND choreographer Michael Klien has succeeded in devising a range of procedures aimed at guiding dancers to embody their personal streams of consciousness in real-time, on stage. By creating an artefact that actively and purposefully channels the existing personal and social setup of four dancers, SEDIMENTS OF AN ORDINARY MIND is an enigma of human idiosyncrasies bearing extra-ordinary traces of the ordinary.

The work’s distinct choreographic and performative language builds on Klien’s ongoing quest for the development of new forms of choreographic expression. In a setting that is as real as it is fake, the work actively utilizes the underlying dynamics of the human condition: learning, faith, love, trust, hate, remembering and forgetting, trial and error… a work-in-process that is always in search of the social glue.

” The piece is like watching a Jackson Pollock painting unfold. Klien has a distinct choreographic language. He is a man of integrity and intelligence, and he brings this intellect to bear on his art ” DANCE EUROPE

“A beautiful piece of pure movement ”

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