Nihil Quest - (Also Sprach) Franky - a video by Ian "Rip" Giedrojć.

The song, as well as the video for "(Also Sprach) Franky", are inspired by a true story of Armin Meiwes, a contemporary German cannibal. Meiwes, using an Internet nickname Franky, found - via ads - Bernd Brandes, a man that dreamt about being killed and then eaten. What is more interesting, these guys started with the second thing, as was proven on the videos recorded by the cannibal.
According to the title, "(Also Sprach) Franky" tells the story from Meiwes' perspective.
Ian Giedrojć, Nihil Quest vocalist: "The whole thing was controversial from the very beginning, as everything was done upon mutual consent by both sides. Beside the macabre, there is also the question of personal restraint. In fact, Meiwes was punished because he had shocked the community, rather than because he had done harm to Brandes."
Once this thing emerged, cannibalism enthusiasts forums, where Meiwes used to publish, were closed immediately. However, it's still possible to find his posts on the Usenet (a popular discussion boards system, now less used). These are one of the original elements used in the video clip.

(Also Sprach) Franky comes from a free "0.9" EP. It's available for download on Nihil Quest site, Jamendo and everywhere else.


Cam: Ian, Cobra, Milena
Additional footage and help: Milena Wojtkowiak.
Armin drawings: Sieras

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