A woman's fight against insecurity.
Vimeo Weekend Challenge: Long portrait - monologue.
The Rules:
Film a long portrait in a single shot with no camera movement, at any length you'd like. Make sure to include something you could describe as a monologue.

Benjamín Villeda

Produced by:
Mariana San Esteban - Pocket Pictures

Juan Pablo Campa, Alethia Juárez (as the voice of the model) & Claudio Flores

Pablo Gómez

Sound recording:
May & François Thibert

Special thanks to: Vanessa Casillas, Cinthia Aguirre, Pablo Gómez, Steven Soria, Mariana San Esteban,
François Thibert, Alethia Juárez, Claudio Flores & Juan Pablo Campa

Created for the Weekend Challenge: vimeo.com/groups/weekendchallenge

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