This installation is about the unhealthy situation of miners in charcoal mines. It all refers to the location in Amsterdam where the exhibition takes place. In the early days a gas plant, running on charcoal, was situated on the same spot and the exhibition is in one of the remaining purification halls.
The installation consists out of two 'lungs' which give a cracking sound when breathing in and out slowly. In the opposite a very delicate charcoal birdcage (for a canary bird) is hanging under the air pump. It refers to a canary in a coal mine. Miners took them into the depth of the mines as a warning sign. When toxic gasses appeared the canary would die which was a sign for the miners to get out of the mine as fast as possible.

Materials: PPE plastic bags, pvc air hoses, air pump,
electronics, brass, steal wires, charcoal, wood.
Measures: 440 x 140 x 32 cm (2 lungs) 40 x 28 x 36 cm (birdcage)
Location: Center for Contemporary Art CBK Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Organisation / curators: John Prop & Loes Diephuis:
Year: june 2014
Production and design: Ronald van der Meijs


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