Music video for Moscow music band "Bravo". The story is about the father who lost his son. Shot in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We decided to use old Anamorphic LOMO lenses, Red Epic, and shot everything except interior scenes without any artificial light.

Starring: Andrey Nekrasov

Made and produced by Fancy Shot studio
Producer - Dimitry Mouraviev
Art-director/ CG/ CC - Petr Bondarenko
Director - Pavel Sidorov
Script - Maria Unzhakova
DoP - Pavel Beklemishev
1 A.D. - Maria Unzhakova
Casting director - Anna Petrovskaya
Production designer - Anna Kozlova
Сostume designer - Natalia Dmitrieva/ Julia Usenko
Focus puller - Sergey Kolobov
Video engineer - Michail Ryabkov
Gafer - Leonid Klimov
Special effects on set - Ivan Arkhipov
Production car/logisticks - Evgeny Dorozshkin

Official partner of the studio - MINI Axel-Motors Sever

Special thanks:
Art-centre "Klass Truda" and Denis Gutov.
Artem Vasilyev (MINI)
Oksana Belyakova
Sergey Pavlov
Andrey Dmitriev
Evgeny Dorozshkin
and many many thanks to leader of the BRAVO group - Evgeny Havtan

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