For over 3 years I've been recording 1 second every day. I am making a film that includes every day of the rest of my life since the day I turned 30.

This lifelong project continues to have a massively positive impact on my life and how I use my time. It encourages me to make every day notable in some way. I like to call my seconds "secret codes", because no matter what you see, only I know the context of the moments I have chosen. Some of the most beautifully recorded seconds, often hold little emotional value for me personally... and some of the least interesting looking seconds often represent some of the best & worst moments in of my life. Only I know the true context behind my snippets.

Age 30:

Age 31:

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How did this all happen? My story:

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The 1 Second Everyday App was made possible thanks to 11,281 wonderful Kickstarter backers!

- This video was entirely compiled on an iPhone 5s on the 1 Second Everyday App.
- 4 seconds were shot on Google Glass.
- 1 second was shot by Tommy Agriodimas.
- I used Final Cut Pro to brighten some of the darker seconds and level some audio.
- A couple of times I used the VideoGrade App to brighten dark videos.
- Credit to the magnificent OLLOCLIP for iPhone which allowed me to easily capture FishEye shots.

My TED talk at TED 2012 about 1SE:

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