Kean Wong:
On a lighter note we have a story about a new kind of high tech fashion. Imagine wearing a piece of clothing that can power your electrical devices. Here's more.

Let the sun shine in. Triumph's latest solar bra aims to put a photovoltaic charge into undergarment demand - or at least a cellphone.

Following in the eco-friendly bra straps of its "Chopstick" and "No Shopping Bag" lingerie, the German firm's newest fits snugly near the solar plexus, receiving and redistributing the sun's bounty.

This model says the bra leaves her with a warm, ever-green feeling.

[Yuko Ishida, Triumph Campaign Model]:
"It is very comfortable and I really feel involved in eco-friendly efforts as well."

Like all current, mixing with water is a no-no, so washing the solar bra or trying to sun oneself on a rainy day is not advised.

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