Exist is the repeat of practice, hannah ma dance,
InterTanzional 14, July 2014

Creation: Hannah Ma
Dance: Helge Freiberg, Hannah Ma
Music: Raime, Kerridge( Berghain Berlin)

Exist is the repeat of practice is a choreographic installation about the relation of entities in space- in a forbidding terrain.
Dust symbolizes nourishment and at the same time ashes.The beginning, the end, the eternal circle.
Exist is the repeat of practice questiones technical innovation and is related to ancient practices of human socialization.
The need of craftmanship and dividing ground
(Heidegger, Kant)from the moment on where there is more than only one man.

Every participating soul and body will find its own way of understanding and participating whilst beeing in the same space during an instant moment of creation.

Thanks to: Tufa Trier, Sparkasse Trier, Kultursommer Rheinland- Pfalz, Kultusministerium Luxembourg, Stadt Trier, Ville de Metz,
Centre Choregraphique Contemporain Luxemburgeois Trois C-L

Anna Rulecka- Photographer

Alexander Fischbach Photographie- syndikat-visuell.de

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