It's a tradition of ours to take a little time in the summer to head over to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and go camping. It's always great to relax in the sun, play in the lake, have fun and goof off!

I remember when my family used to come here when I was little and now, more than 25 years later, it's still a great place to enjoy a few days! The trees may have grown taller and you can see less of the water from our campsite, but the path down to the water's edge hasn't changed. Even the rocks we set in the water when I was a kid (to make it easier to go swimming) are still there today!

This is some home video of some of the things Rhonda and I were up to this year during our camping trip.

Home video from the last few years at Sharbot Lake can be found here:
2011 -
2012 -

Filmed on Aug 17-19 on my Canon XA20, iPhone 5s and GoPro HD Hero 2.

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