20 prepared dc-motors, 81 cardboard boxes 70x70x70cm
Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel 2014

Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany
August 10 - September 21, 2014

The installation is comprised of 81 cardboard boxes of 70x70x70 cm which are suspended on the ceiling in a grid of 80x80 cm. The boxes hang between floor and ceiling and can be seen from two different levels. 20 dc-motors are mounted and distributed along the handrail of the first floor. When activated, they set the boxes in motion by means of thinn nylon ropes connected vertically to the individual boxes, causing them to move with varying intensity and directions. Since the spaces between the boxes are small, the movement of one box is affecting neighboring boxes, leading to a very complex overall performance of the suspension, which constantly changes and progresses. The collision of the boxes and the friction caused when they collide gives rise to a multitude of sounds and noises. The acoustic perspective changes as the viewer moves along the exhibition space and can be experienced in constantly new ways. This installation was conceptualized, developed and presented in joint collaboration between Zimoun (artist) and Hannes Zweifel (architect).

Curated by Hortense Pisano and Martin Stather. Project Management by Ulf Kallscheidt. Studio production assisted by Janis Weidner, Benoît Villemont, Teddy Laure, Elisa Tangheroni, Matteo Taramelli, Florian Buerki, Till Hillbrecht and Ulf Kallscheidt. On-site production assisted by Volker Henze, David Brose, Eline Fleig, Heidi Rondak, Christian Fröhlich, Svea Frahseck, Lena Bausch, Karlheinz Weingärtner and Tobias Kropatsch. Video © Studio Zimoun.


«Using simple and functional components, Zimoun builds architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared systems, his installations incorporate commonplace industrial objects. In an obsessive display of simple and functional materials, these works articulate a tension between the orderly patterns of Modernism and the chaotic forces of life. Carrying an emotional depth, the acoustic hum of natural phenomena in Zimoun's minimalist constructions effortlessly reverberates.» bitforms nyc

«The sound sculptures and installations of Zimoun are graceful, mechanized works of playful poetry, their structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing interplay between the «artificial» and the «organic». It‘s an artistic research of simple and elegant systems to generate and study complex behaviors in sound and motion. Zimoun creates sound pieces from basic components, often using multiples of the same prepared mechanical elements to examine the creation and degeneration of patterns.» Tim Beck

«Zimoun creates complex kinetic sound sculptures by arranging industrially produced parts according to seemingly simple rules. Using motors, wires, ventilators, etc.., he creates closed systems that develop their own behavior and rules similarly to artificial creatures. Once running, they are left to themselves and go through an indeterminable process of (de)generation. These quasi autonomous creatures exist in an absolutely synthetic sphere of lifeless matter. However, within the precise, determinist systems creative categories suddenly reappear, such as deviation, refusal and transcience out of which complex patterns of behavior evolve.» Node10


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