Denmark has been at war for 12 years fighting in a war against terror.

‘IN CONTACT’ portrays how modern wars are fought and what sacrifices war has.
In Contact’ is a modern dance performance dealing with the issues and sacrifices that Denmark has met in it’s most recent coalition war, the war in Afghanistan.

On stage are three real and wounded war vetarans side by side with ballet dancers, and in scenes, that shift between dance and authentic stories spoken with their own words, the performance gives its audience an emotional insight in the body of war, the truth of war and the future of war. The performance does not aim to moralise, but tries though the meeting of two very different physical expressions, to give a perspective on war.
A radical move for a traditional ballet company that proved to be very successful and a well needed way to discuss and review the war that Denmark has participated in, side by side, with many more countries for 12 years.

Dealing with national consciousness through a dance performance on the main stage of the national theatre, created a very open and different space for dialogue, reflection and debate upon the subject.

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