Governor Mark Dayton turned down Republican Jeff Johnson's latest request to debate twice at the state fair and 10 times after that. Dayton's campaign released the latest debate proposal it sent to the Johnson campaign which has six debates starting on October 1. Dayton said Johnson needs to define his positions before they debate. He says Johnson wants to cut taxes for the wealthy, but hasn't said what programs he'd cut to pay for that.
Dayton made the comments as he met fair goers on the first day of the Minnesota State Fair.
He said this was a unique experience to meet and visit with Minnesotans from across the state. It's been a tradition with the Dayton family since his father showed horses at the fair. He said as a boy, they had to visit the animals first before the wished for stop at the midway.
There was a parade of candidates at the DFL booth, the GOP booth and various locations across the fair.

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