A sidekick who tries to do good by the city he swore to protect despite the villains and new superhero that stand in his way.

A story about legacy, power and the struggle of good versus evil, SIDEKICKED follows a few days in the life of a Superhero's sidekick as he fights against evil villains and clashes with his new partner in order to save the city and its people from complete annihilation. Set in the crime-infested streets of Palm Beach County, Florida, Super Sunshine, and his faithful sidekick, Boy Nova, quickly realize, after a humiliating defeat that it's time to retire and choose a successor. Boy Nova, who has dreamed of being the main superhero his whole life, is astonished when Super Sunshine chooses his ungrateful son, Alpha Sun, to take his place. With little to no help from Alpha defeating villains and the threat of a massive bomb that could destroy the city, Boy Nova becomes steadily disillusioned with the role superheroes have in his world.

From the creative minds of filmmakers Jonathan Proenza and Steven Perez comes the independently produced feature film unlike any other independently produced feature film that explores the down-to-earth trials and tribulations of a superhero's universe.

Official Website: sidekickedthemovie.com/

Genre Superhero Comedy


Dave Noel.

Dave Ausem.

Ian Cooper.

Randy Earll.

Steve Mairano.

Greg Goldsbury.

Evan Gerstel.

Jeanne Tidwell.

Joe Herrera.

Jason Anderson.

Rick Ausem.

Kevin Bradley.

Jevon White.

Karen Chimato.

Adele Zin.

Jason Galotti.

Douglas Rill.

Directed By
Jon Proenza & Steven Perez

Written By
Jon Proenza & Steven Perez

Screenplay By
Jon Proenza & Steven Perez

Produced By
Bruce Feigenbaum, Steven Perez, and Jon Proenza

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