The August bank holiday may have come early this year but DN is still ready to bring a diverse collection of some of our favourite short films to the crowds of the Reading & Leeds festivals. Here's a taste of what you can see over the weekend.

You can also watch the entire screening programme here:

Our thanks goes out to the highly talented filmmakers whose films we're taking on the road. They are in trailer order:

Butteryaself - Julian Petschek
Controller - Saman Kesh
Zominic - Michelle Fox
The Corner Boys - Jon Drever
Hell No - Joe Nicolosi
Gregory is a Dancer - Louis Hudson
Like a F%@K!Ng Punk - Kyle I. Kelley
Kangaroo Court - Carlos López Estrada
Allaxis - Wasaru
Deadend - Ruud Coenen, Luc Thijssen, Frank van Vugt and Stein Louisse
Lights Out - David F. Sandberg
Gumshoe - Matt Steinauer
Off Yer 'Ead - Dan Kokotajlo
Mute - Job, Joris & Marieke
Oscillate - Daniel Sierra
Metal Headzzz - Aaron Stewart & Tim Harrington
Reeps One - I Owe Youth
The Ride - Timothy Melville
The Cub - Riley Stearns
No F****** Around in Room 427 - Danny Sangra
Big Dunc Loves Finder - Will Anderson
There’s a Man in the Woods - Jacob Streilein
The Decelerators - Mark Slutsky
Things I Should Stop Thinking About Thinking - Mr Castro
The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray Aged 33 & 3/4 - Steve Baker
This is How You Die - Michael Mohan
Time Holes - Ben Mallaby

Music: "A Pranzo dal Nemico" by Digi G'Alessio (

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