Life Remodeled not only remodeled Cody High School and removed blight from the surrounding area, it also renovated many student houses in the area.

One of the houses that was remodeled is a special case—since it's the 'cousin' of a Cody student. Ebony Porter is confined to a wheel chair, suffers from seizure disorder, struggles with diabetes, has had 103 brain surgeries, and 4 strokes.

General Motors volunteers partnered with Life Remodeled to rebuild the outside wheelchair ramp to her home, updated many items inside and outside, and totally 'redesigned' the inside of the house to make it wheelchair accessible—by widening the hallways, installing hardwood floors, building a new handicap accessible bathroom, and installing an overhead 'track/lift' system that runs from Ebony's new bedroom into the bathroom, allowing her mom now to bathe Ebony more easily.

In addition to this home, General Motors also remodeled 15 other student homes in the area around Cody High School. In total, Life Remodeled remodeled 25 student houses (as well as boarding up 254 vacant houses, demolishing 3 dangerous burned-out houses, and removing blight from the surrounding 303 city blocks).

Life Remodeled plans to return to the Cody-Rouge area next year to continue what they started there, and are also considering to coordinate the same kind of effort at another Detroit Public School, Osborn High School, and its surrounding area next year, too.

For more information about the non-profit "Life Remodeled," visit their web site:

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