'Jolean Does it!', starring Jolean Thorton, a redneck, white trash blue collar mom of 8 1/2 kids, who's been married and divorced from her ex Tex 3 times. She is an investigative reporter, pilferer of crazy products, singer(to be debated...lol), and is also constantly dealing with aliens, lunatic family and friends, ghosts, and much much more.
In this parody/spoof, one of Jolean's first, she introduces us to her product, Double Hint Gum, something that will turn the rest of your teeth black, to blend in with the rotten one.
"I remember when filming this like 5 years ago, and it's probably the most memorable because Lori and me couldn't stop laughing. At first it was her that couldn't bare to look at Jolean with that black thing in her mouth, and of course, laughter is contagious. We did like 20 takes, and I am so glad I had kept all the outtakes. ..LOL" Chad Bishop: co-creator and star.
'Jolean Thorton' created by Chad Bishop
'Jolean Does it!' created by Chad Bishop and Lori Hall.
Starring Chad Joseph Bishop.
Filmed in Andover, Maine.
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