How does the self exist in time?
How does the self experiment passing time in the surrounding space?

This is Uji is an audiovisual piece meant to explore the concept of Uji. Created by Buddhist master Eihen Dogen, the concept stresses on the idea that "time is existence and all existence is time". The important idea that stems from this is the fact that every self represents time, rendering both concepts as interconnected.

The video tells the story of a boy who stops in front of a watermill, which represents the experience of being-time. Emphasizing the relationship between the boy, the group of passers-by and the surrounding space, the experience resonates the natural state of being.

Stylistically speaking, the video was designed as a single frame, with a contemplative character and it could be associated with a window through which one can see a fragment of time. The absence of a narrator maintains the purity of the recording, with the aim of creating an open narrative. Therefore, it is suggested that the spectator takes it as an experience, discovers and observes a narrative that passes by unnoticed in the everyday life.

I'm here, now / Since I'm here, I'm time / I exist in this now / That's Uji

Direction & Camera Operator - Pai Contreras
Creative Consultant - Ivor Williams
Color correction - Aksshay Mehta
Text editor - Lara Ionescu

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