Filmed at the 'Disabled People For Yes' press launch on Monday 18th August 2014 at George Sq, Glasgow, after the group were officially welcomed into the Yes Campaign.

'Disabled People for Yes' are a mix of disabled and non-disabled people, who have been active with and on behalf of fellow disabled people and their carers for some time prior to the referendum. Many disabled people's lives have become a nightmare because of welfare cuts and changes to the way the Department of Work and Pensions deals with them. Impacts include reducing the amount of money people get to help them with daily costs, or the removal of key resources like motability cars - these can make the difference between being able to keep working and not being able to work. The infamous bedroom tax and psychological pressures caused by continuous paperwork, the threat of sanctions, ongoing assessments and difficult to meet demands from Job Centres have reduced disabled people's quality of life significantly.

The Scottish Government has stated that an immediate priority after a Yes vote would be to reverse the most damaging and counter-productive of the UK welfare changes. On the other hand, after the next General Election, there is no sign the treatment of disabled people will change, regardless of who gets into power: Scottish Labour even voted against an SNP motion on 14th August recognising the effects of welfare cuts on disabled people and other vulnerable groups.

"Disabled People for Yes" was set up to pursue a pro-independence, politically neutral campaign and give a voice to people who may otherwise remain invisible. A vote for Scottish independence offers the hope of a country which values disabled people’s lives and abilities rather than making them scapegoats for the huge deficits run up during the banking crisis.

For a full statement about the 'Disabled People For Yes' Campaign please visit:

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Music - '12th November' by David Hyde

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