This video is about The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but it's not what you might expect. Here's where you can give to help research a cure for ALS in an ethical way:

Some of the text on the pages was hard to read; so here's a transcript:

Some programs supported by ALSA fund human embryonic stem cell research.

The process of harvesting embryonic stem cells destroys the embryo--a human life.

In 2013, ALSA awarded a $500,000 grant supporting a program harvesting stem cells from an 8-week-old aborted fetus.

2013 was the 6th consecutive year that ALSA has supported the program.

ALS is a terrible disease, but if you care about life, you should not support ALSA.

Instead, join me in donating to John Paul II Medical Research Institute...

... to find a cure for ALS without sacrificing children's lives to do it.

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