This clip, Ang Lalake (The Male), is a part of the Kayumanggi Glitter 1, a performance art by Carle Duncan De Guzman for his multimedia exhibit as his thesis. He is a multimedia arts student in Asia Pacific College, Philippines.

Kayumanggi Glitter is mainly about 2 things: Kayumanggi and Glitter. Kayumanggi, the true color of us, Filipinos. Glitter, something shimmering and reflected light.

KG is generally a performance art defining and/or may be redefining, the Pinoy LGBTQ. Kayumanggi Glitter is not a show.. Interaction, connection, and reaction are the main fuel of the performance. Reaction may be a positive or negative feedback. No reaction is still a reaction.

Everyone is part of the Art. #CreativeRebellion

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