The motion graphics for this opening animation were created by me using Adobe After Effects for films local sports in Melbourne, Australia. They do not charge upfront to be there, choosing rather to make money from the sales of the final videos only. Actually, they even give a percentage of the profits back to the clubs.

With such a great deal, it's no wonder the business is building strongly, which is why they approached me to design some graphics to add a little more polish to the final products.

The animation begins with a quick bold section of the company's name coming up as the individual words in sequence. Here I am drawing attention to the name and its brand colours.

As the number and types of sports will increase in the future, I chose to take elements of different sports and put them together in a quick explosive section in the middle. The aim is to represent sport and sportiness rather than any one individual sport.

Finally, it finishes with an end tag of the company's logo, the company's microphone device and tag line.

I also created the audio bed by using royalty free music and sound effects.

Please visit my motion graphics folio site at

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