Here are some quick grades of some footage I downloaded from Philip Bloom ( ). It was originally shot in 4K and i have downscaled it to HD for vimeo viewers.
The footage is surprisingly clean and robust for such a tiny, well priced camera. The footage has some very flexible dynamic range and is quite easy to grade, that makes this a great camera for guys who are getting into post production or even seasoned professionals. It is a very pleasing picture with very little to complain about, if I had to, I'd say i did notice some banding as i pushed up the contrast but it does offer 10bit colour through SDI out (this footage looks like 8Bit to me) so it should be better... there is very little to complain about really.
The CineLike D is really flat, sometimes too flat and can cause some noise but nothing a bit of neat video can't fix, and the noise is actually quite nice considering, I've seen and worked with much worse.
When I began my tests on the A7s i thought the GH4 would have no place in my arsenal, I mean the A7s has a better image for post, i don't really need 4k right now, I need a low light monster anyway and the list went on and on. But after this first test I've grown to really like the GH4 and what it has to offer, i don't really know what its like to use in the real world but you can tell a lot form a cameras footage plus I've used a GH3 before and I hear they're quite similar.
The GH4 has a really nice and practical image, nothing like a DSLR or a A7s, its somewhere in between, a nice kind of middle ground that makes this a fantastic image for a lot of practical reasons... may be that could be a good or bad thing, but for me, its a great camera to own for a whole lot of reasons.

If you know any more free to use GH4 footage, let me know in the comments and i will be very grateful

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