LIGHTFORMS is based on the same production system used in Luminares. The profile curve of the shade is first generated in Rhinoceros and can be customized to any shape. A Grasshopper script interprets this curve, determines the number of components needed, and lays out each simple component with its necessary intersections. The parts are laser cut from mylar and hand assembled in descending order using a series of simple locking joints to link piece to piece and column to column. This produces a highly precise and strong shade that retains extreme detail and ornament. Time saved in production of digital files is spent on the assembly of the piece, allowing for entirely custom elements that are assembled similarly. The development of the project has been driven by physical prototypes continually feeding back into the script in order to add more complexity.

The colored diffuser is achieved by applying a gradient unique to each component, allowing each part to be read both independently and as a whole. The color was laser printed on mylar, and precisely located in the laser cutter bed before being cut. This technique lets us apply in color(s) or patterns to any shape, increasing possible outcomes.

The custom scale and shape of LIGHTFORMS are highly accessible because the most complex portion of the process, the geometric calculations, are automated using a script. Our intention is that these can be sold in clusters of a few, or scaled up towards a site specific installation of many more creating an etirely unique environment.

Currently, those shown are on display as the Begley Art Source Gallery in Evansville, IN.

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