Rise from the Rubble is an experimental hip hop / prog rap song written and recorded by Jake Fontes, under the name Keep the Fate.
The song "Rise from the Rubble" is very personal to me. And lyrically, it's a rather interesting concept. The first verse is my ideal future self talking to me now, telling me how good everything could be if i work hard to achieve my dreams, and i believe in myself. The second verse is the opposite. It's my dreaded future self talking to me, expressing sadness, bitterness, and regret towards my past self for not achieving the goals that i set for myself. The third verse is me now, reflecting on how everything has played out up until this point. I get a bit introspective in this verse. Musically, the song has a variety of synth sounds, lots of pianos are present throughout the entire song, as well as strings in some places.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought! I've been searching for artists with songs that are similar to my song "Rise from the Rubble" if you know of any / have any suggestions, let me know!! Experimental hip hop / prog rap isn't the most widely accepted genre, but i hope those of you who watch it will enjoy it thanks!

Also, i encourage anyone who wants to, to reupload the video... thanks!
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