If destiny is not fulfilled then the believer roams in the wilderness like the Israelites of old. In the Old Testament many people who believed in God did not fulfill their destiny because of unbelief, sin and fear. One of life’s greatest travesty is to know God and not fulfilled one’s destiny. Nothing is more frustrating than to know God and live as if he does not exist. In this simple but yet very concise message, Dr Glenn will offer you the secrets to fulfilling your life’s journey.

glennarekion.myshopify.com/collections/dvds/products/fulfilling-your-prophetic-destiny (DVD)
glennarekion.org/product-detail/audio_0188_Fulfillingyourpropheticdestiny (Mp3)
glennarekion.myshopify.com/collections/tv-offers/products/combo-praying-in-tongues (COMBO)

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