Before Suwaidi and Ode met, they were text mates. Though they actually attended the same university, they never knew each other personally. But with a few back and forth text messages they became friends. One day, they decided to finally meet. Suwaidi was the first to admire Ode. It was rather love at first sight. On Ode's part, it was love that was cultured and developed over time. His sense of humor, positive disposition and they way he treats her (he was sensitive to her needs and was very protective of her) won her heart.

After months of dating, they got engaged and had a civil wedding. For eleven years, he was still the same. Full of surprises. He even planned a surprise dinner date in one of the most famous and expensive restaurants in Doha. He also gave her a set of diamond earrings and necklace. But his surprises didn't end there. Ode had no clue Suwaidi will propose again for a church wedding, this time with the most beautiful diamond ring. She never though she would still have that dream wedding every woman always been dreaming of.

Life has been quite exciting for both of them until June 20, 2014. Suwaidi met an accident and broke his hip. The operation was successful but doctors said it could take him 6 months to completely recover. This incident is probably the biggest challenge these two lovebirds have faced so far. With their big day coming soon, Ode was worried if doctors would even allow him to travel. They prayed and decided to leave all the rest to the merciful healing of God.

In August 22, 2014 the day they’ve been waiting for finally arrived. Suwaidi and Ode made their commitment before God, their family, their friends. The ceremony took place at the beautiful and charming Caleruega Chapel complete with bells ringing and all. Everything was perfect. It was one of the happiest moment of their lives.

Took place at Maharlika's Peak, Caleruega Chapel and Villa Ibarra. By Team Freshminds

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