I was listening to this wonderful song by Colbie Caillat in a car one day when I thought "it would be nice if I can make a video out of it". Later that afternoon I met Willy who confirmed they wanted to do Pre-Wedding video with me.. then his phone rang and his ringtone was this song 'Falling For You'.. and that's how I decided to use this song, and I think it fits them very well!

Willy and Lolita are a very loving couple. Willy told me how he got rejected several times in the beginning (I only showed one of many in the video).. but he kept on trying, what a fighter! Lolita must've finally saw the goods in him and what a pleasant outcome to see them finally getting married. I'm sure if you meet them, you can really see that they are meant for each other!

It took Willy 1/2 hour to think hardly and memorize what he's going to say as a message to Lolita in the video.. He was thinking very hard and must've prepared it from his heart! His wedding vow was pretty much the same lines used here.

The video was shown on their reception night and it was an overwhelming feeling to see the reactions from the audience.. like an "hahahaha", "awwwhhh", "kasiannn", etc.. Now we just can't wait to edit their wedding highlight trailer!

So here it is, the love story pre-wedding video for Willy and Lolita! Hope you guys love it and may their marriage be blessed ever so abundantly! :)

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